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Jumaat, 22 Januari 2010

Jika saya mati malam ini

If I die tonight
You know we'll be alright. Just smile for me. Reminisce the fond memories. I spend the last day, I don't know. Try to do a million other things. Hoping somehow time will slow. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Take everyday like it was your last. And work towards your dreams before you pass. And have a blast while you're at it. 'Cos we don't know when we're gonna go. So make the best of it. Just keep it real to yourself. And to all people, if y'all lost somebody before. Remember they'll be to see you. Well,  
If I die tonight
I wonder where I'll be tomorrow. Nobody cry, please push away the sorrow. Cos I have been. The best of boy. The best of friends. The best of mum and daddy's last son. The best of anything
If I die tonight
Will I be forgiven. For all the people. I've been slackin' with when i was livin'. Those who I've hurt their hearts. Took advantage of and even lied to. Hug you one last time for forgiveness. Yea, I would like to
If I die tonight
Would you feel the loss. Tomorrow would you dial my number by accident. And then suddenly paused
If I died tonight
What would you think of my room. When you see blue. Wanted to clean it up this morning. But then I never knew. Your loss taught me not to take my friends for granted. Misunderstandings gotta slam them quick. Death you never plan it. You're sorrowly missed down here. Warwin rest in peace. This too shall pass. But our true relationship will never cease Love

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