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Jumaat, 20 Ogos 2010

Hidup Mesti di Teruskan

Theres so many things i go through this lately
Theres a lot of pain than happiness
Theres a lot of mistakes I wished I didn't do
First cut is the deepest but its a step for you to move forward

People come and go
They always left something they shouldn't do
It hurts real bad.

Time pass by
We grow up and become older
Married, have kids and grandchildren, die.
That how life goes.
Yet, I tried to have some different way of living. Independent.

"I love you, I miss you, I hate you"
Is something you will always hear

Sweet talker, liar, hypocrites
is people around you

Friends, Lovers, Haters
will always left you when they don't need you

So don't give a damn with their word and promises.

Round like a BALL TIRE.
Its how your life goes.
Sometimes you are on top of the world
Your life is fucking great, All people will be beside you
But, life promise you, you will be down like shit
And theres no one beside you
The moment of truth

Whatever people did to you
Never think of revenge, it will only make you suffer in the end
So appreciate them even they really hate you
Cause it makes you become more matured and always be careful with other people.
LIFE GOES ON. -buli-

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